This blog is maintained (to the extent that it is maintained) by William James (Wm Jas) Tychonievich. I grew up in various parts of the United States but have lived most of my adult life in Taiwan, where I run an English school. You can contact me at my gmail.com address, which is wiltyc.

My surname is Ukrainian, originally Тихоневич, but after a century or so in America is now pronounced /taɪˈkɑnəvɪtʃ/ (“tie-KON-uh-vitch”).

The blog’s name is taken from a the closing lines of a song that appears in the 22nd chapter of Phanastes by George MacDonald. I prefer its final couplet as a stand-alone epigram:

From the narrow desert, O man of pride,
Come into the house, so high and wide.

The header image is from the Madrid Epiphany of Hieronymus Bosch.